School Discipline
Discipline is the law of nature. Without it, nothing works. Inculcating discipline amongst children is the most significant aspect of education and is not confined to school alone. Parents, too, must co-operate with the school in observing these norms:


  1. 80% Attendance is compulsory , so students are expected to attend school regularly.  In case of sickness for any period of time, a Medical Certificate must be attached with the leave application.
  2. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence from school, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience and any type of unruly behavior are considered to be grave acts of indiscipline on the part of a student which can lead to his/her expulsion from the school.

3. The school uniform, only in prescribed school colour and their id cards should be immaculate, clean and smart, and should be worn on all working days. Actions will be taken against students who are habitually improperly dressed.

4. Students are expected to take proper care of the school property. It is for their convenience.

     5. They should not write and scratch on desks, chairs and other surfaces.
     6. Damage done even by accident must be reported at once to the Principal/ Class Teacher.

  7. Running and shouting in the school premises is not allowed.

8. No money collection for any purpose is allowed to be made in the school without prior permission of the Principal.
9. It is compulsory for all students to attend the prayer assembly .
10. Students are not permitted to carry mobile phones to the school.

11. Misbehaviour inside the school premises may also lead to disciplinary action against the concerned student. use of abusive language, discourtesy and disrespect to the teachers, disobedience and irregular attendance will also lead to strict disciplinary action.
12. Bunking classes or school is strictly prohibited.


13. Cleanliness must be observed in school premises. Throwing waste products, pieces of paper, seeds and skins of fruits is strictly prohibited. Use dustbins .

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