Nursing Foundation – Laboratory

In nursing foundations there are various clinical settings like philosophy development and understanding, their objectives, related theories and different types of nursing process so the Nursing Foundation Course covers all these in proper manner.

Students can acquire knowledge; clear understanding can develop required skills in nursing procedure techniques and are able to perform hands-on practice as much as they can.

We have designed a Nursing Foundation Course with well equipped laboratories with 10 beds and also having mankind to perform/practice various procedures of nursing with CPR.

Medical Surgical Nursing – Lab

Medical Surgical Nursing course helps students to acquire knowledge and enables them to develop proficiency in patients caring with medical and surgical disorders in various hospitals, relevant health care settings and at home also.

Students get various medical and surgical conditions, performing related nursing procedures related skills which will be taught as first hand experience in the laboratory combined with nursing foundation lab.

Child Health Nursing – Lab

Child Health Nursing lab provides a solid foundation platform to pediatric nursing through which students will be able to have first hand experience for handling neonates, children with the help of simulated models (mankines) and also performing various nursing procedures before going to actual clinical settings.

Students will be able to develop an understanding of the modern approaches for child care, identifications, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of newborn and children.

Midwifery And Obstetrical Nursing – Lab

Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing lab provides first hand experience in assessment of antenatal cases, intranental cases, post natal cases, neonatal assessment, demonstrations of nursing care and handling problems accordingly.

Students will be able to appreciate the concepts, principal of midwifery and obstetrical nursing through this course. Course helps students to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing services to normal and high risk pregnant women to antenatal, natal and postnatal period in hospitals and community settings.

Course also helps students to develop skills in managing normal, high risk neonates and participates in the family welfare programmes.

Community Health Nursing

We are having a laboratory which is well equipped with community bags to learn various bag techniques and various audiovisual aids which are related to community health concerns.

Students will be able to develop the understanding of modern approach for appreciation of the principles of promotion and maintain the health, identification, prevention, common health problems in collaboration with community health team, members of the family and with community leaders with proper management.

Nutrition Lab

We are having a separate laboratory which is well equipped with various types of models, branding with specific posters, flash cards, nutrition education flip charts, various vessels and all required accessories to prepare different-different recipes as per the different kinds of food which are required in different-different illnesses.

Students will be able to acquire knowledge of nutrition which is required to maintain optimum health in different stages of life and its applications to nursing.

Computer Lab

We are having a well settled and arranged computer laboratory which is attached with a library and facilitates access to various journals through helinet service.

Students will be able to develop their basic understanding of using computers, peripherals and relevant applications in nursing.

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